Nike + iPod

In order to get me in gear and create a habit out of running, I purchased the Nike + iPod sensor.  Since I already had the shoes and the iPod, it seemed fitting that I purchase it.  And what a great purchase it was!  It calculates my every move; running times, walking times, distance, speed, time.  So I can keep track of my improvements!  A must buy for someone who isn’t necessarily the best runner – it makes it into a competition with myself.  Tomorrow’s ‘time to beat’ sort of thing.

The weather has been great this past weekend, however I didn’t take advantage of it to work out.  Instead, all of our parents came down for family weekend.  We played games, bbq’d and snacked on delicious homemade treats!  After a weekend of drinking and eating, I had to get my running shoes on.  It is only going to get colder from here on out, so I’m going to either a) find my track tights from high school or b) go buy new ones.  Good thing my birthday just happened or I’d be making the trek back home to search through my old stuff =).

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