The Hardest Part

What a sad day it was to find a note on the door that yoga class was cancelled today =(.  At least I got a short run in right before that.  I ran two miles with a 10’12” pace – a 2’5″ improvement from yesterday!  It was the perfect evening for a run, too – the sun was out, the temperature was above freezing (I bundled up even a little too much!), and the leaves were falling.  Most of the time I did build up sprints – start slow and then gradually make it to an all out sprint – we used to do these for most sports I participated in (hockey, soccer, softball, even volleyball and track… I liked to stay busy!).  Getting back into shape can be hard, probably one of the hardest part of running – that and taking the first step out the door.  I found a great list of tips for beginning runners like myself over at Jazzrunner.  Here are some of my favorites from each category:

Apparel, #3.   Ladies, do not skimp on a bra. Even if it costs more than your shoes it’s still a bargain.

(I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sports bra that costs that much, but if it is out there and it somehow performs magic – I’m buying it!)

Manners, #3.  Always try to balance running with the people you love by making a schedule that involves and is considerate of everyone.

(This makes sense – I contemplated the thought of waking up at the butt-crack of dawn to do a light jog, but then roommates popped in my head – they’d all wake up two because of the noise I’d make – we live in a poorly insulated house that every little creak or crack of the floor sounds like a gunshot downstairs.)

Motivation, #7.  Do not compare yourself to others. Run within yourself and for yourself first

(I thought of this first, but then realized I do not have the “running” body type – short, muscular “hockey/soccer” legs as I like to call them, and a toned upper body as well.  Of course I’m going to be a lot slower than other runners out there!  I just have to accept it.)

Motivation, #13.  Start a running blog and read other running blogs regularly.


Weather, #1,  Dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than the temperature on the thermometer.

(… so if it is 15 degrees, I’ll dress like it is… 15 degrees.  The cold feels the same 32 and below!)

There you have it, just skimming the surface of the great 99+1 beginner running tips.  Now, on to important business – dinner!  Tonight I am going to attempt to mix up a classic gazpacho I found on my Whole Foods Recipe app on my iPod.  It is one of two I use – the other is the Epicurious app.  Instead of playing games, I search recipes.  And love every second of it!  I’ll also be mixing up a strawberry-banana Green Monster, courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats.  Mmmmm!  Pictures to come, if my camera wakes up from the dead!

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