While was I roaming around the internet searching for new running clothes for the cold months ahead, I decided heck why not look at new yoga clothes from LuluLemon Athletica as well! Even if I can’t afford any of it right now (poor college student), it doesn’t hurt to look, right? Well as I was poking around their site, I came across this: the Lululemon Goaltender. Check it out! It is a great program set up by them that helps you define your goals, ideals and core values, especially in regards to health, career and personal being. It also helps you set up a plan of how to achieve these and tracks your progress.

Being in my senior year, I’ve been told numerous times to write these goals and values out because it is essentially your own personal brand. Who you are. What you want out of this or that. Why this specific job – how does it resonate and connect with you. By being able to communicate exactly what you value and how it relates to a specific job/career could put you above the rest when it comes to interviews and hiring. I think it is great that the Goaltender is out there to help people with this process. I see why this came about too; part of yoga is learning to focus on intention and what matters in your life – essentially getting to know what makes you you.

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