It's Thursday Already?

After a brief Halloween hiatus, I am back to blogging! To sum up the weekend: epic. Friday we took off for Madison, Wisconsin and made excellent time; it only took 6.5 hrs. Matt and I dressed as Jack and Jill (went up a hill…) and looked like we got pretty beaten up as well “tumbled” down the hill! After a very eventful Saturday, we woke up bright and early Sunday and headed back to the Minny to pull an all nighter for my Islam paper due Monday morning at 8 a.m. Luckily, I finished it in time!

Yoga kicked my butt on Tuesday! I think I am still sore! Since nobody was new to the class and we’ve all been there for awhile, we did some pretty advanced poses. Lots of fun! Yesterday and today it was gorgeous out – sunny and high 40s (hey, I’ll take it – not usually this nice for November in central MN!). I pumped out 2 miles each day and had a 10’15 pace both days.

For dinner I had been dying to try this recipe I found on my Epicurious iPod app – Pumpkin, Lentils and Goat Cheese salad. It was really good but very filling!  Instead of pumpkin I used butternut squash.  I had never had squash without brown sugar and marshmallows on top, so it was fun to try it a different way.

One thought on “It's Thursday Already?

  1. This weekend was a blast! Thanks for accompanying me on that ridiculous adventure, and for not sharing pictures of Ramsey’s stripper outfit. Something’s just shouldn’t be worn…

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