Johnnie Thanksgiving Tradition

Tonight is one of the coolest and most unique events St. John’s University has to offer.  The Thanksgiving Dinner.  The celebration brings together the monastic community, faculty, staff and students alike.  Every year the three times available sell out after the first day they are on sale.  Approximately 400 turkeys are roasted and brought out to each table by a monk or a staff member.  I can’t seem to find any pictures from my freshmen year… so here is a picture of my little sister at the SJU Thanksgiving last year in the Great Hall.

And here she is a year later at this year’s dinner in the Ref. (*pronounced “reef”):

Apparently she has been turkey carver three years running!  My roommate Allison was our table’s turkey carver, it’s an action shot because she was really getting into it:

The turkeys, stuffing, corn, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and Johnnie Bread were all brought out by St. John’s monks, who later came by to make sure everything was tasting great and we were having a good time.  The St. John’s monks have been making the whole wheat Johnnie Bread since the 1850s, and has been sold to fund things such as the St. John’s Bible and the building of the SJU Abbey Church, designed by Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer.  Here is Bro. Don having a laugh with two of my friends Jordan and David (blurred to protect their identities…  I didn’t use my flash):

Thanksgiving is my favorite meal time of the year, because it means I get to make my favorite sandwich of all time:  the Turkey Terrific.  First discovered by my tastebuds when I visited my older sister in Nantucket, this is the ultimate sandwich.  It is literally thanksgiving heaven on bread.  Don’t get me wrong, I like all of the different thanksgiving staples separate, but together, wow.  Just look at those layers of cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey all loaded onto Johnnie Bread:

The best part:  I have TWO more thanksgivings to make this masterpiece of a sandwich!  Tomorrow Detox (where I live.. it’s been the name of the house since the 80s, we don’t know the story) and the Boobery (again, it is a house, but we do know the story: cheerleaders lived in the house in the 70s/80s) are having a joint Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Two more days of classes and then it is off to East Grand Forks for turkey day with the family, which will look something like this since half the family won’t be there:

Bennie Sisters (not the monastic kind..)

What are your Thanksgiving traditions like?  What will be on your plate?  Where will you celebrate it?

Well, off to the Johnnie | Tommie hockey game!  The matchup is one of the largest D3 rivalries, so it should be a good game!

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