It's the Finals Countdown!

Have no fear, finals are here!  Or at least the week leading up to them, which consists of 3 presentations, 2 final papers, 5 blog posts on my other blog for film class  I have yet to finish, all while trying to get in a good night’s rest (which rarely happens).  Unfortunately, I have been pretty busy preparing for this week and have neglected you, blog.  I’m sorry.  There are a few countdown’s happening right now:

  • Days of COLLEGE left: 9.
  • Days until Christmas Break: 9.
  • Days until Christmas: 16-17 (I count the Eve too!).
  • Days until 2010: 24
  • Days until I leave for India:  it’s too early for this one!

In other news, this past weekend my mom came down to celebrate her birthday with her two favorite daughters, the two that still live close enough for her to visit.  Friday we had a nice dinner at Anton’s, played some smear and hit the hay.  Early the next morning we set off for the Mall of America, or what we up North like to call it, the Mega Mall!  We bought a few gifts for the not so favorite siblings and brother in law who live outside of MN, and a few gifts for ourselves, like my new Tea Tumbler from Teavana!  If you know someone who loves tea as much as I do, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer!  Just put your favorite loose leaf tea (right now I am drinking Teavana’s Peachberry Jasmine Sutra Green Tea mixed with Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea.  Perfect for these snowy, blustery cold winter mornings on my way to class!  My tumbler kept my tea hot from 8 a.m. all the way until Noon, when it started to cool off just a little!  Perfect!   My favorite tea is made by the Tea Source – Green Tea with Pomegranate.

If you’re running low on gift ideas – check out this website with unique and creative ideas – Etsy.  It was rated one of the top 50 websites of 2009, according to  I’m struggling to find gifts for Christmas, because I like to think hard and really get them something unique, that is usable, and fits their personality just right.

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