Classes start up again for spring semester here at St. Ben’s tomorrow.  Fortunately, I graduated early.  As of right now, I don’t feel any different.  However, come tomorrow when I’m feeling like a stay at home mom working on arts and crafts for my student teaching roommate’s 2nd graders, I may feel like I am officially done with college.

To kick off the new year just right, my roommates and I have decided to live and eat healthier.  For me, the eating healthy shouldn’t be a problem since I am a veggie nut.  The working out is what is hard for me – I just don’t have the motivation that I do when it was warm out.  I would go run outside, but it’s hard to do when I have 3 layers on!  Not to mention how tricky it is to run on sidewalks that are half-heartedly shoveled!  It is a work out though, dodging ice and hurdling over snow drifts…  I actually don’t run outside in the winter.  It’s dangerous.

To stay healthy, we’ve decided to make a work out chart, kind of like the star charts you had in second grade.  It is embarrassing to not have as many stars as the other kids, so you work harder.  Same theory applies to our Detox plan (not actually detoxing, it’s just the name of our house).  If “T” has more stars than me, I’m going to work out more because I’m just competitive like that.  I’ll be assisting the roommates in the health eating department – I’m raiding their cubbies and tossing out the junk, permission already granted.

It may not feel like I am done because I am not looking for a job quite yet;  it would be hard to find someone who will hire me to work only for 5 months.  After that, I’m taking off for an adventure in India and Nepal.  I find out this Tuesday if I have been chosen for the Freeman Foundation research grant to Nepal (cross your fingers!).  If I don’t get it, I’m still planning on going to the Neerja Modi school in Jaipur, India to teach at their Nischay girl’s school.  Nischay is a free school for girls of the lowests castes in Jaipur who would not otherwise get the opportunity to have an education.  Even though I plan on going into marketing and advertising, this experience as a volunteer teacher for underprivileged  girls won’t necessarily be beneficial to my career, but to who I am as a person.  It is something I have always wanted to do, to make a difference, and I think to grow as a person is more important than to get that head start in my career.

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