I love my family

The past few days have been difficult to say the least.  Sunday evening I had gotten an emergency message from my mom and found out that my older sister Linsey had been rushed to the hospital out in Cali.  She was having a hard time breathing and was going to go lay down, but promised my parents that she’d go to the hospital and check it out.  That promise saved her life.

She went to the clinic, where they rushed her by ambulance to the Stanford Hospital.  After running a CT scan, they discovered massive amounts of blood clots in her lungs.  Immediately she was put on blood thinners and the waiting game began.  A few clots had already passed through her heart and had caused some damage.  Within hours my dad flew there to be by her side.  Because of the amount of clots and some of them being large, the doctors opted to go in and get them.

Monday afternoon I had gotten a tearful call from my dad saying that the doctors told him she wouldn’t be alive had she not gone to the hospital when she did.  The first surgery took place that afternoon; they went in through her neck and did one lung at a time.  After 3 hours and 15 minutes her one lung was clear of clots.  The next afternoon they went in for the other lung, which had less clots, but one large clot.  All of our prayers were answered and she is now in recovery for the next half year.  They are doing tests now to find out what caused the blood clots in her lungs and we’ll know in a few days.

All while this was going on, my family has been scattered all over the place.  Erin and Lou in London, Jenna and I here at school, my mom at home with the dog, and dad in Cali with Linsey.  Thank God for technology – we were all able to be with one another via cellphones and video chats.  We are all so thankful for everyone’s prayers and support and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  I am also so thankful that I have such a wonderful family and that Linsey will be ok.  It will take time, but she will be ok.  ❤

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