Rain, rain, go away, California's not supposed to be this way!

The Pacific Ocean was ‘a brewin’ the other day when we went on a drive along the Half Moon Bay coast.  The pictures you’re about to see DO NOT do these waves justice – the SF news channels were reporting 25-30 foot swells because of the storms that have been pounding the Bay area.

Yes, there is always the possibility of a wave large enough to crash over a 45 ft cliffs and destroy the town a mile away…?

Today was the first day I have opened my computer since getting to California (6 days).  I’m going to leave it open so that I will be more likely to quickly type up a blog more often than once a week.

Lins update:  Her INL levels have dropped from 4.6 to 3.2, which is the result of massive amounts of spinach.  I made her an extra spinachy Green Monster for breakfast, and she later had spanakopita for lunch, both packed with Vitamin K to get her clotting levels back to normal – they have had her on just a tad bit too much blood thinners and overshot the healthy INL range of 2-3.  To get her strength back, I made Quinoa Tabbouleh salad.

It is such a colorful and delicious meal packed with vitamins and lots of protein!

I love the “pop” you get when you eat quinoa!  It is one of my all time favorite grains!

Plans for tomorrow include putting away everything I unpacked (I moved my clothes from trekking bag/suitcase to floor…), go for a run if it is *cross your fingers* sunny out, and of course – do whatever Lins needs me to do as I am now her personal assistant.

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