Leftovers & Flashbacks

Who doesn’t love leftovers?  Linsey apparently.  I started the morning off with Mexican Style eggs with none other than my favorite, mild tabasco sauce, shaken all over!  I steamed/sauteed some baby spinach in a small frying pan until half wilted, then added my 2 egg whites + 1 yolk whisked with a fork, and finally added my leftover ingredient: black beans and cilantro, saved from dinner last night.  The result?

A savory change to the classic style of scambled eggs!  Maybe next time I’ll add some onions and mushrooms.  I offered to make some for Linsey, since it is part of my job to cook for her, but she refused and had cereal.

Today was another cafe day.  We chose to go to University Cafe, which had a great atmosphere and great service.  I ordered a tropical green tea smoothie, and the guy at the counter misunderstood me and just gave me hot tea.  No problem I said, because that was my second choice anyways and enjoy hot tea on cold, rainy days.  I brought my hot tea over to where Linsey and I were sitting and began working more on my design work.  A few minutes later, the worker brought over my original ordered smoothie, what a great guy!  After a few hours, we got hungry and we split a delicious toasted mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic glazed baguette with a side salad.  This was so good and fresh I felt I was right back in Italy!

Which brings me to flashback number two: Falafals.  The other day Lins and I ate at a great mediterranean cafe called Neto in Mountain View.  I HAD to have the falafal sandwich because I hadn’t had one since my trip to the Middle East.  And it tasted just like the ones we would eat every day from the street vendors in Jerusalem and Cairo!

It reminds me of my first experience with falafel.  It was our first day in Tel Aviv and we were all jet legged from flying to Amsterdam, having an incredible 6 hour lay over, and taking another 10 hr flight to Tel Aviv.  We ate a a nice restaurant along the mediterranean.  At this particular place, you don’t order, they just bring out this odd combination of dishes:

We had no idea at the time that we were supposed to take a little bit of each and stuff it in a pita to make a falafel sandwich.  Needless to say, we only touched the pita and hummas, and ate the falafel on their own (first time hearing about them).  Falafels became a staple in our diets from there on out!

Dinner was a repeat of last night, Black Bean Quesadillas with Green Tabasco!

Plans for tomorrow include:

  • Take Linsey to her blood draws
  • Go for a run because THE SUN IS COMING OUT TOMORROW!!!
  • Work on KCP Designs
  • Finish Resume


  • Bake cookies for everyone who helped out Linsey and my family during that past couple weeks… any suggestions out there?  Let me know!

A tout a l’heure!


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