Utz Cookie Co.

After blood draws this afternoon, Linsey and I went in search of the best ingredients for her ‘thank you’ care packages for everyone who helped her and our family out during the past couple of weeks.  We found all of the ingredients we were looking for in Safeway and went on to our next location:  the art store.  Because what goes better with homemade goodies than a homemade thank you card?  After Linsey spent an hour picking out the perfect combo of papers and I browsing some ridiculously pricy art supplies (there was a wooden box filled with only 50 colored pencils, the price? $259!  Insane!), we took off in search for the perfect lunch.  I picked up the cheapest drawing pad and two charcoal pencils to pick up drawing again – I’ll post some of my work at some point!  The restaurant we chose was right around the corner from the art store, a Vietnamese restaurant called the Three Seasons.  We ordered the Green Papaya Salad and Crispy Tofu:

Crunchy Tofu with spicy & sweet chili sauce

Green Papaya Salad tossed with sweet chili sauce, basil, tomato, shrimp & peanut

Lins and I split both and it was just the right amount!  I love splitting meals with people, that way you get to try different things and usually don’t get too full for the rest of the afternoon.  Luckily, we both have similar tastes (we must not get our taste genes from our dad – we took him for sushi last week and he had to spit it out… which is a shame because it wasn’t really raw sushi, it was an avocado and shrimp role =)  ).

As soon as we got back, the baking began.  First up: Special K bars.  Kind of a guilty pleasure!  Then while Linsey mixed up the next treat, Oatmeal PB Chocolate Chip cookies, I went for a 3 mile run around beautiful Palo Alto.  The run went by fast – it was fun to look at all of the incredibly nice homes in this area!  After my run in the sun (it was 60 today!), the cookies were ready to go!

Oatmeal Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies (dough!)

I continued my workout while things were in the oven.  What I did is up on the Workout Logs.  I also watched live updates of Apple’s newest addition to the family, the iPad.  Sadly, I wasn’t blown away.  Once it has a camera and is able to run Flash, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!  Until then, my iPod works just as well!

4 thoughts on “Utz Cookie Co.

  1. mmm, those look like good cookies!
    i also love sharing meals. i prefer to get a taste of everything, and sharing gives more variety to my meals…

    yeah… the ipad is a bit disappointing–it doesn’t even run flash?? but the next generation will be way improved. we just gotta wait a year!

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  3. Your pictures look amazing, Jamie! They look so professional, like they could be from a magazine. Keep up the great blog posts, I think you’re meant to be a photographer…

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