Welcome to the Hotel California

Phfew!  Just got back from my run and my legs and lungs are exhausted!  I did 2.5 miles worth of walk-jog-sprint build up runs that we used to do during hockey and soccer practice.  Since I’ve never been much of a runner and more of a short bursts of energy kind of athlete, I enjoy doing these much more than a steady paced run.  I made sure my trail had similar sized blocks and began giving my legs a beating!  It felt good – but now, not so much… hah!

Remember the baked goodies that the Utz Cookie Co. (Lins and I) made yesterday?  Well, today they were packaged up and sent off!

These goodie bags have Special K bars, Oatmeal PB Chocolate Chip cookies AND the Barefoot Contessa’s Maple Oat Scones!

I’m not much of a scone person, but they were delicious!  Ina has the best recipes!  While baking business is booming, our card venture is kind of a flop… well, at least the mess that still isn’t cleaned up!

I would say that a few of them turned out nice.  Just for the record, I haven’t made one yet – these are all of Linsey’s – I’m just saying.  Speaking of creativity, I created two new pages for you to check out – my PHOTOGRAPHY and art!

Finally, as promised, pictures of my accommodations  at the Linsey Hotel.

Yes, I sleep under her desk with an uncomfortable pillow and a sleeping bag.  Contrary to what you may have thought, being an unpaid assistant/nurse in California isn’t all fun in the sun cloudy and cool weather!

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