This past week has been a vacation from vacation as Lins and I made our way to visit Scott in Sacramento.  We were living in the laps of luxury – no appointments or blood draws for 3 whole days.  Not to mention catching some ‘rays poolside by the 15th hole at a beautiful golf course home (Scott’s parent’s).  Oh yeah, and no internet.

We did get to have the best sushi experience of all time!  Ladies and Gents, I give you.. the boat:

After overindulging ourselves in too much sushi and lounging, we decided to come back to Palo Alto… and Linsey had an appointment Friday afternoon.  For some reason on my vacation from vacation, it was hard to get motivated to go for a run.  Maybe it was because of a combination of a fear of getting lost in an unknown area and the  four shows we watched about people who mysteriously disappeared from the streets (e.g. we watched a special on Jaycee Lee who was recently found in S. Lake Tahoe area 18 years after disappearing… too close to Sacramento for my liking).  Hopefully the rain clears up and I am able to start running outside again now that we’re back on the peninsula!

But now we are back, sitting at the Red Rock Cafe; Lins working on her practicum applications and I am catching up on missed blogs, working on my resume and design work for KCP.  Here is one of my favorite designs I did for KCP last summer for an event they had with fashion designer Ted Baker of London:

Back to working!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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