Back to the swing of things

You’ve heard of 5 ingredients or less.  Now, I bring you: 3 ingredients or less.  In your face, Clara Robinson!

Easy Quinoa & Tomatoes

  • 1 c. chicken broth
  • 1/2 c. quinoa
  • 1 chopped tomato (I cough up the cash for organic during the winter season – so much more flavorful!)

Cook the quinoa in the broth and then add the chopped tomatoes.  That’s it!  I’m sure you could add in which ever complimentary vegetables you wanted, possibly some cheese or spices.  The kitchen is your oyster.  =)

Rewind to last night, I tried my hand at stir frying.  Lins and I picked up a few ingredients from Trader Joe’s (rice sticks, frozen veggies, shrimp and General Tsao sauce.  By winging it, I didn’t get the “fry” I wanted – it was more of a steaming of veggies as they unthawed and the water sat at the bottom…  but after a few drains of the water and adding the sauce and rice noodles, it turned out pretty well!  The sauce had a bit of a kick, a little tang, and highly recommended!

Linsey went back to class for the first second time this semester – the first was just an attempt;  this time she made it through the whole half day (they had a midterm this morning that she didn’t go to).  Things are looking up, and luckily she has a break tomorrow to rest before going back to class on Wednesday.  While she was studying, I worked out and poked around on the net, blended up a green monster smoothie and caught up on the news.  I went for a 5k and did it, but my ankle has been hurting a bit since Tahoe last week so I’m going to take it easy tomorrow and not do things to aggravate it anymore – I had a pretty bad sprain back in high school right before the soccer season started and couldn’t play for most of the season; it bothers me from time to time – possibly some scar tissue in there somewhere…

Olympics start in a few days – can’t wait!  A friend of Linsey’s is volunteering there, what a great experience that will be!  I really hope Minneapolis gets the bid for the 2020 summer Olympics in a few years – it would be awesome to play host to the world!  Back when I was in high school my hometown hosted the World Juniors hockey tournament – it was a lot of fun watching the best in the world compete, exciting to try speaking German to the Germany hockey players we met (turns out everything I was taught in 2 years of high school classes was pronounced wrong – guess I should have expected that from a teacher who’d never been to Germany except on vacation…).

Friday I’m taking off to meet up with Matt and his friends in Sun Valley for the weekend (another reason to rest my ankle) – I cannot wait!  He has incredibly fun friends.  If this is any indication, it should be just as crazy as it was last year… =)

Matt feeding raccoons string cheese.  Semi-dangerous.  He lives on the edge.

Tomorrow:  Baking Valentine’s Day cookies to bring with to Sun Valley and writing up those thank you’s I owe to special people in my life (I was planning on doing them about a month ago…  and then Linsey’s ordeal happened and it got pushed to the back burner… where they caught fire, burnt up and I never saw it again until I was given a little reminder (thanks Lins).

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