Sun Valley Recap – Abridged

Oh, what a weekend!  I got back late Tuesday night and I apologize for the delay in updating this here blog – there was an early morning plane crash in E. Palo Alto that took out there power lines – there was no internet until later that night =(.  Luckily it was around 72 and clear skies, so I laid by the pool, read my book, and went for a walk (hey, it was recovery day from the weekend!).  Let’s rewind back to Friday, when Linsey took me to the SF airport at 4 a.m. before she took off for Pebble Beach to meet up with Scott.  My flight went great to Boise where I met up with Ki and Will, but Matt stood in a line at MSP for 4 hours, missing his flight, finally getting to SLC and got to fly into Sun Valley instead thanks to Delta’s mess up.  The timing was perfect and we literally pulled into the airport after our 3 hr drive as he was landing!  And the best weekend ever began shortly after… =)

Ingredients to a great weekend in Sun Valley:

Great company,

First night at Whiskey Jacque’s


Great weather, great views…

Catching some ‘rays at the top of Seattle Ridge
View of the fog rolling in over the mountains… it’s 20 pics photoshopped together =)

Double check.


Take note of Davis’ (center) fashionable belt! Ha!

Not only was my onesie periwinkle blue,  it had a solid two inches of pure shoulder pads for the fashionista Davis’ grandma must have been back in the 1970s!  It made my upper body look ginormous! Ha!  I was also snowboarding, which makes the onesie that much more ridiculous.

Finally, no trip would be complete without some good eats – Idaho spud smothered in chicken chili on top of the mountain!

We ate out every night (minus one where we forgot… didn’t make for a great next morning, oops!) at either the Pio or the Roosevelt, both equally delicious!   On Onesie Day (aka President’s day) it was so nice out that they guys decided to do a shirtless run.  They tied the top half of their onesies around their waste and did a few runs

They got a few whistles, cheers and double takes as they frolicked down the mountain!

There was also a LOT of  big buck hunter to be played,

I learned everything I know from my ol’ man!  Thanks dad – I rocked (if you can’t tell from Ki’s face =).  After a long day of skiing and snowboarding, we walked across the street to the Sun Valley Lodge and relaxed in the massive outdoor hot tub:

Hot tub! Don’t worry, camera is waterproof!

We also went to a hockey game, where we sat outside the rink (we didn’t want to pay $3 and had a case with us… and we also brought some barstools…  good times!), and no other than a Johnnie was representing on the team that was playing!  Glad to see SJU represented!

Halfway through the 3rd period, we decided to go in anyways and carried our chairs and case inside.  Apparently they didn’t care… =)

Sadly, the weekend ended on Tuesday and we all made it back to our respective homes after some cancelled flights.  Matt and I ended up having to take a bus to Twin Falls, where we took separate flights to Salt Lake, and my flight was directed to San Jose instead of SF.  Luckily I had 5 minutes to sprint all the way across the SLC airport and make my new flight just in the nick of time!

Catch up on the last few days are on their way!

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