The Rationale Behind Tearaveler

Welcome all of my RiverRunsDeep followers!   I’ve decided to rebrand and I’ll now be known as the Tearaveler.  I brainstormed a number of different names (which I got pretty good at thanks to my awesome internship at Capsule this past summer!), but I keep coming back to this one.  One of my favorite things, which is a little on the obsessive side, is tea.  I drink it EVERY day.  Green.  Black. White.  Sencha.  Oolong.  There are so many varieties and different flavor combinations out there it is impossible for me to get bored with it.  When I go to the grocery store I spend a minimum of 10 minutes looking at all of the different types (which will I try next?)  and specialty loose leaf tea shops are my favorite!  And there is just the right amount of caffeine in it for me… sometimes a little too much (I never drink ‘pop’ or ’soda’ and rarely drink coffee).

And I also love to travel.  Until college, I’d only traveled around the states, visiting my older sisters wherever they lived (D.C., Boston, Nantucket, San Fran) and there is still so much here in North America to explore.  One thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time is drive north of Winnipeg during the summer a couple of hours and see the polar bears.  Could be a day trip from home!  I also promised my dad I’d go back to Alaska with him some day to go fishing (as long as I can stay on shore… have you seen the Deadliest Catch?  Noooo thank you!).  In college I was given the opportunity of a life time:  I spent time in Amsterdam, saw all of the religious sights of Israel, floated in the Dead Sea, snorkeled the reefs of the Red Sea, climbed Mt. Masada and Mt. Sinai, *attempted to climb the Great Pyramids in Cairo (yeah, the guards told us to get down), explored Munich,Rome, Florence and Dublin.  All within 6 weeks, with one back pack and three changes of clothes.

Unfortunately, when I returned stateside I had no money.  And the biggest regret of my life so far was not studying abroad in Cannes, France that following semester =(.  Someday, friends, someday.  For now, I will be traveling to Nepal and India from the end of May until the end of September.  To bring things full circle – I’m going to be drinking A LOT of tea in India, hopefully exploring the tea fields and seeing how it all goes down.  =)  Not to mention meeting amazing people, trying new foods, and teaching young girls at the Neerja Modi School in Jaipur. =)

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