In a Pickle – Sandlot Style

I am in a pickle friends.  The classic Sandlot pickle – caught running back and forth between 3rd base (in this case, visiting Ally in Phoenix) and home.  Right now I’m dead center and need a little enticing from one side or the other.

Ally has been one of my best friends since I was little.  She’s already visited me every year of college and I have yet to make the trek to Bemidji where she goes.  I was going to visit in Jan/Feb… but I ended up moving out to California to help my sister out.  Instead, she invited me to join her in AZ (where her sister lives) for spring break before I head back to the Minny.  I REALLY want to go, but unfortunately California is expensive and I’m running low on funds, and all I’ve spent money on has been food, 4 days of snowboarding and 1 day of board rental =(.

I could definitely get by going to AZ,  but I’m trying to save for a Macbook Pro and a Nikon D90 – I was halfway there and was hopefully going to start working at the beginning of the semester… but obviously the wind just hasn’t been blowing in my direction.

Going home is my ultimate goal, but a short little 4 day stop in AZ will rack me up another $100 that I KNOW I should save, but I’ve already lost most of the little savings I had in Cali.  I might as well treat myself to some warm weather and fun, right?  =)  And seeing Ally is guaranteed to be a fun time!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll strap on my PF Flyers and figure out which direction I’m heading =).


Linsey had another doctors appointment today, but I decided to come with and not hang out in the waiting room and play games on my iPod.  I’m glad I went – the doctor pulled up her CT scans and showed us just exactly what was going on in her lungs back at the beginning of January.  Since I didn’t take any pictures for you all, I took the liberty of drawing out what her right lung with the large clot looked like on the CT.  On the left, you see that the clot blocked almost all blood flow.  And the right picture of the ‘normal’ lung, well the artist in me may have gotten a liiiiiittle carried away and it is a slight over-exaggeration on how many arteries there are… but the pattern is makes is interesting, hah! I definitely should’ve taken that last art class for the major…

Still, it was pretty cool to see.  We kind of take for granted how our bodies work – one day your blood can just go crazy and decide to coagulate in your lungs and come >< that close to death.

After spending most of the afternoon at the Stanford hospital, we came back and watched the movie Valentine’s Day online.  On separate computers.  With about 20 minutes play time difference.  And no headphones in the same room.  Hah.  No idea why we didn’t just share… we’re sisters so it happens a lot.

The rain really puts a damper on my energy.  I did start the day out with eggs with a twist – and that twist was a splash of chicken broth and green tabasco!  Whisked together with a bit of milk – topped with black beans and a pinch of cojack.  The broth addition made for some savory scrambled eggs!  This will be a repeat as soon as I buy more eggs!

I am on a roll with eggs for breakfast – yesterday I tried my hand at poached eggs.  It was different, but I’ve decided I prefer my yolks fully cooked… but the sun was out so having them “sunny” was fitting!

It’s incredible the difference natural lighting makes!  I absolutely HATE taking pictures with a flash because you can’t control what’s going to happen.  My point-n-shoot does a good job for the most part without flash.. but sometimes it is necessary =(.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce my new favorite snack of all time.  Any guesses?  Hint – it can be a pretty mundane veggie.

3 thoughts on “In a Pickle – Sandlot Style

  1. sandlot = love. just one more reason why i am convinced we need to be friends. and i have been OBSESSED with eggs lately. seriously, so versatile – what is NOT to love about them!

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