SF Adventures

As my time in Northern California is winding down, I set out on a touristy Friday afternoon adventure while Linsey was in an interview up in the city.  My quest?  Find the Full House house.  I had a general idea of where it was, but didn’t realize it was 3 miles away from her interview site.   I arrived after a nice, hilly 45 minute walk.  Luckily I had enough time to take a picture and head back.  I would’ve taken a fun posing or jumping picture… but didn’t want the little lady that was taking it to get scared and take off with my camera… not that I wouldn’t be able to catch her with a brisk walking pace or anything.

After spending two hours walking around by myself I decided I. Love. San. Francisco.  It is such a colorful and unique place!  No two houses were the same in neighborhoods I walked through.

And the people are just as colorful as their homes!  But not to offend anyone, I didn’t whip out my camera when a man in a hot pink tux casually strolled by the cafe we ate at after the interview.  We met up with a friend of Linsey’s where I was slightly disappointed by the severe lack of cheese on top of my French Onion soup.  It’s my favorite part.  It was still pretty good though and piping hot – check out that steam!

Saturday rolled around and we picked up Linsey’s Boston friend from the airport and headed back to the city for touristy site number two: Golden Gate Bridge.  Unfortunately the drive took a little bit longer and when we made it there I got to test out my night photography skills.

After the 5 minutes that took, we headed to the Cigar Bar to meet up with some more friends.  It was a really cool place with an outdoor patio in the Marina.  But we headed out early because we had big plans for Sunday: the US vs. Canada hockey game at Linsey’s Canadian friends place.  It was a beautiful day out, the sun was shining and we were indoors watching a hockey game.  My plan was to lay out after the game, but thanks to Sidney Crosby, the clouds and cold rolled in from the North over much of the U.S., including Palo Alto, and the pool just didn’t look like much fun out there in the shade.


Tonight I ran and got groceries at Whole Foods to last me the last four days I have in California.  Two bags of salad, four tomatoes, two avocados, two apples, two grapefruits, two Fage greek yoghurts, four bananas, Laughing Cow Babybels, a head of cauliflower, a lemon and white cheddar popcorn for munching on while blogging =).

While I was standing in the long check out line to buy these goodies, politely waiting my turn by checking out the latest headlines, I noticed a man, probably in his 40s, was standing in front of me with nothing to buy.  Maybe he was buying a gift card? I didn’t know.  But when the person in front of him paid, he turns to a woman in the next line who still had one more person in front of her and goes “Oh!  This line is faster!”  and his wife steered her cart full of groceries right in front of me!  …WHO DOES THAT?!

I looked at the guy who was standing behind the women in the other line and he gave me a “ha ha my line is now a lot faster than yours” look.  Unbelievable!  It upsets me that people do things like this.  So what did I do?  Waited patiently for them to pay for their cart overflowing with groceries and proceeded to buy my own.  What was I going to say, I was hungry and just wanted to go back to Linsey’s and make my salad.

On the agenda for tomorrow – start working on my submission to the institutional review board for my Nepal grant.

4 thoughts on “SF Adventures

    • Thanks Holly! The grant is coming up FAST! Sadly, I knocked on the door and Uncle Jesse wasn’t home =( hah. There is so much to see and do here I don’t know if I’ll finish my list in the next 4 days.. probably should’ve started 2 months ago when I get here! hah

  1. Ok, I’m a bad person- which one is the SF house??!?! haha, I thought there was a red door?! Clue me in! 😀

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