And the adventure continues!

My apologies for not updating in the last TWO weeks (yikes), but sometimes you just need to turn off the computer and do other things =).  For instance, remember my self created list of Everything You Could Possibly Do in San Francisco in 10Hours or Less?  Done and done, my friends.  I felt like I was on my newly created t.v. show ‘Itinerary: Impossible’  (… just made that up, but it would be a great idea for a show none the less)!  Even though we slept in past my set departure time of 8 a.m. to the city, we made it to S.F. by 10:30 (it’s really only a 25 minute drive.. ha).  Forewarning, the following post contains a long queue of boring, ‘smile’ pictures.. you know the kind I’m talking about.

First stop: Haight Ashbury district.

I found a great pair of knock-off Ray bans, and if I wasn’t on such a tight schedule, would have bought out every cute clothing boutique we walked past.  If you want bargains, Haight St. is the place to go!  While we were nearby, we swung past the Full House house again (didn’t pose for a photo op, though, since I had been there a few days earlier!).  Next up on our list was the Golden Gate bridge.

Not just viewing it from the city, but crossing over it to destination number three: hiking in the Golden Gate Nat’l Recreation area! It had incredible views of the Bridge and of the Pacific Ocean.

Hiking was a lot of fun – the weather was nice, surfers were out catching waves, and Linsey didn’t get that tired!  Her she is with Scott.. his only appearance in this post.. somebody had to take the pictures of Lins and I on our adventure!

Up next we darted back across the bridge and into the city to drive down Lombard Street, the self-proclaimed ‘curviest street in the world.’  We only drove down it once, but Scott said the first time he came to it, him and his friends drove down it multiple times… sounds like they were easily entertained!

Turns out Lombard St. is very close to where the Mrs. Doubtfire house is – obviously we needed to stop!

Phewf!  We were getting a little exhausted by this point and needed some lunch.  So we headed down to the Fisherman’s Wharf.  It was literally a mini county fair right there on the water!

When you go to the Wharf, it is mandatory that you eat crab.  Lots and lots of crab!  I chose a half sweet dungeness crab, and it was more than plenty!  Why I felt the need to imitate an ‘angry crab’ is beyond me:

With our stomachs full, we headed up one of the steepest streets in the world.  The picture isn’t that interesting, but notice: STAIRS.  If I really wanted a work out, I would move to this street and would HAVE TO walk up and down it every day.

Since we were so full, we opted to just drive up it instead of walk =).  And since we didn’t want to pay for the extra 100 feet in the air that Coit tower would offer, we didn’t walk up it either… actually we couldn’t, stairs were closed and you had to take the elevator for $6.  No thanks.  

After we did a little shopping downtown at my favorite store, Zara, it was time to head back to the Marina for dinner with friends.  Little did we know that we would accidentally run into something that wasn’t even on the list, but should be added: Chinatown, from the comfort of Linsey’s Accord!

After a power nap and a few cocktails, we walked down the street to my last.  sushi.  meal.  of SF =(.  I don’t know how I’ll feed my sushi addiction back here in MN =(.  It was a very fun night that ended with the final thing to check off my list for one heccuva day in S.F.:  In-and-Out burger.  I had it protein style, best after bar food ever!

6 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. Now Mrs. Doubtfire house I TOTALLY recognize! Your pictures are so fun Jamie, looks like you had a great time! I want that crab so bad! It’s official, I’m moving to Cali now too!!! haha. Ok, novel in progress, and quick note- yes I have seen the Blind Side and LOVED IT! I have a girl crush on Sandra. Love her! Great to have ya back, too =D

    • Sandra rocks – she’s come a long way since her days as Ms. Congeniality.. scratch that, Speed! Hah and moving to Cali – DO IT. =D

    • I used to do bags because thats all they offer up where I grew up… but then I discovered loose leaf at the Clemen’s Perk and never went back =) … unless I find the occasional superstar like T.J.’s peppermint hah! I have a little strainer deely-ma-bob for mugs at home and invested in a nice tea tumbler for when I’m on the go.. loose leaf ALL the time =)

  2. It looks like you had fun in SFO 😀

    It’s so funny. I haven’t been there in 10 years but when I saw your pictures I totally remembered all the places we went there and how much fun I had. I love that city! 🙂

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