Ketchup? I prefer BBQ instead.

Well, if it isn’t Thursday evening already.  My efforts to play catch up have been tough.. you see, there is an incredible little event that goes on here in Bennie & Johnnie Land called T.A.M.S.A.K..  Now you must be thinking, “what in the world could that stand for?” and “what is Bennie & Johnnie Land?! Is it a new theme park?!”

Where I  go to school recently graduated from (but don’t want to give up the college lifestyle quite yet and still live with my friends in an off-campus house), the names Bennie & Johnnie derive from the names of our two joined institutions:  College of Saint BENedict and Saint JOHN’s University.  In my opinion, it is the greatest place on earth and there are so many different, crazy events going on senior spring semester that, to many, could be considered a theme park… just wait until I tell you about the S.S.H, or C.D., or F/D and M.P., BWB, or Pinestock (can’t exactly abbreviate that one)… but there is a time and place for all of those.  Right now, however, I must tell you about T.A.M.S.A.K.  It is a Bennie/Johnnie tradition that is *not sponsored by either school, but is put on by seniors living off campus who just want the last 41 days of their college careers to be the best.  Tenth.  Annual.  Mandatory.  Senior.  Appreciation.  (of) Kegger’s.  It kicked off last night at the Barber Shop – another interesting fact and tradition: the naming of a house.  Every house in our little college town has a name.  And each of these houses have signed up (yes, there is an official calendar) to buy one free keg for all seniors to enjoy at their house.  Sadly, in an effort to derail tradition (in my opinion), incoming first year students will be required to live on campus for all four years.

So that is where I will attempt to be until I walk across that stage in my cap and gown and receive my diploma… which they actually already sent to me in the mail (perk of graduating early)!


Here is today’s ketchup:


After an impressive day in San Francisco, we decided that for my very last day in California we would head in the opposite direction.  We hit the road and hung out in Pebble Beach to have a relaxing day and check out Scott’s parents new place.  The city of Carmel is the cutest little town that has the feeling of a Bavarian village, with mossed over curvy roofs and the white stucco with dark trim… I felt like this candy store came right out of the story of Hansel & Gretel!

We also headed over to the world famous Pebble Beach golf course, walked around for a bit and then headed to “The Tap Room” for lunch.

And for a $12 bowl of Prime Rib Chili, I was expecting a giant bowl.  Instead, I was given a decorative porcelain cup.  But the delicious corn bread on the side made up for my initial disappointment.. that is, until I took my first bite – pretty dang good, I tell ya!  And it was the perfect amount!  I guess I’m just used to giant portions and eating way more than I need…

We also walked around the neighborhood and ended up at the beach (actually Scott’s mom dropped us off at the beach and walked back… don’t call us lazy – we had Linsey’s health to think about!).  And by beach I mean sharp, daggers of rock protruding out of the ocean…

Scott was more photogenic on this day then I was… =) And look how cute they are – awwww!  They dropped me off at the airport bright and early the next day.. which was unnecessary because Delta rebooked me on a US Airways flight for three hours later and I didn’t know (it was sunny out, who thinks to check to see if their flight is cancelled with nice weather?).  Either way, I made it to Phoenix and my friend’s sister picked me up and we grabbed a bite to eat before picking Ally up from a smaller airport.

Despite the worst weather on record for Phoenix (54 and rainy…), we still had a lot of fun!  We worked out to P90X, hit up this incredible little market (buy a crate of strawberries for $.99!!), taught Abby’s 1st graders how to make coil pots and I even read them a story (they thought the story sucked, it turned out hah) and climbed Camelback Mountain!  Throw in some delicious food, the game Rummikub and your best friend, and you have yourself an awesome vacation!  Even if it was for only 3 days!  Here are a few snapshots from our climb:

And people run up this!  It was so steep in many places I had a hard time not slipping at our slow, leisurely pace.  I almost fell and scraped my wrists because I was carrying my camera and a water bottle… which is probably why we saw everyone carrying the backpack style ‘Camelback’ H2O canteens.

Note to self:  don’t wear shirts that match your skin color.  And wear something athletic when climbing a mountain…  =)

I conclude my AZ adventure with a giant cactus.  They tell you in elementary school how tall they can get, but let’s be honest, you never really believed a cactus can reach over 20 ft.  When my Midwestern self thinks of cactus’, I think of the ones my grandma grew on her kitchen counter that *maybe reached 4 inches.


Now that I am FINALLY done with KETCHUP, I can tell you all about how I’ve been BBQing it up =).  But – it is 12:34 and I have big plans tomorrow – BWB is happening =)  Stay tuned to find out what it is and all of the BBQing I’ve been doing!

3 thoughts on “Ketchup? I prefer BBQ instead.

  1. Ok, not gonna lie. The ‘CD’ code was hard for me to crack. I kept thinking, then realized b/c it was all TOO fuzzy, I not only forgot the day, but it’s name too…so abbreviations are just too advanced for me evidently. Have fun at the FABAWB!!! Get it? hahahah.

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