The first decoding of the long list of events happening until graduation happened this past weekend.  Actually, two events happened!  First, BWB =  Black & White Ball.  This year’s event raised almost $7,000 for the Boy’s & Girl’s Club of St. Cloud for after school meals!  Way to go Bennies and Johnnies!

Every year, a group of seniors puts on a charity ball for seniors and juniors.  Every year, juniors and seniors have to stay in a different hotel because: every year, something happens and we are banned from staying at said hotel.  Well, this year we ran out of options.  We didn’t even have a venue to hold the ball at until a few weeks ago.  Usually it is held on a Saturday, but our only option this year was a Friday.  Instead of getting ready early and having cocktails in the hotel rooms, everyone had to wait for friends to get out of class, dates to beat Mpls traffic, and get dressed as fast as possible!  Before catching the bus at 6, we all headed over to  Platform 9 and 3/4, where a few of our friends live.

Detox Roommates + roomie from last year =).  Yes, I am the only blonde one.

I think I had more fun mingling and hanging out before heading downtown than the actual dinner and dance itself!  Here is a full group pic of all us girls, dressed to impress:

After a few more drinks, everyone headed off to catch the bus around 6.  A few of us stayed behind and called for alternate transportation around 8… dinner was served at 7.  Oops!  Luckily, I walked back behind the curtain and told the caterer’s that about 15 of us had just arrived and hadn’t eaten yet… what I SHOULD have said was that 6 of us just got there.  Ha.  Don’t worry, nothing went to waste – we ate something off of every plate.. =)

The last thing I remember was running into my little sister Jenna…

It was one of those kind of nights.


Remember when I promised you BBQ way back when?  Well, here ya go!  We have been grilling up a storm lately at Detox.  I swear, everything tastes better when it is grilled.  And you can grill just about anything.  Sadly, our propane tank is now empty.  On Thursday I grilled up a blackened salmon fillet that I had bought from Sam’s Club (thanks mom!).

Along side the salmon, I grilled up some delicious asparagus – it’s the best way to eat it!  I also coined up a sweet potato to try out as well.  Seriously, you can grill ANYTHING!

Holly Everythingtarian broils up her “cheetahs;”  now, I give you:  “tigers.”  They were crunchy on the outside, mashed potato-like on the inside and the charred lines gave it a lot of extra flavor!  I dipped mine in BBQ sauce =).

The salmon was so big I chopped it into thirds and saved the other two pieces to mix into my salad the next two days!

Hope we can fill up the propane tank again soon so I can grill out every day!

6 thoughts on “BWB + BBQ

  1. Hey Jamie! Looks like you had an amazing and slightly fuzzy B&W! That’s how’s it’s supposed to be anyway 😀 You were probably better off than I was last year 😉 Caaaaaaan’t wait for novel #324. I’m practicing patience 🙂 P.S. My friend here showed me this amazing site called I literally just ordered $60 worth of stuff. I have a problem. Oops- except get this- chia seeds, flax seeds, and quinoa are illegal to ship here! I little bit of me died on the inside. 😦 You should check it out though! I love it…although you can probably get most things in the stores near you, whereas I cannot…lame Japan. Haha…ok, back to ‘work’ I go.

    • Really? Illegal?! That sucks! Someone would have to do something really tricky to get one of those things there… hmmm =)

    • DO IT. Life changing. In fact, I might go start the grill right now and change my life, again. =) Thanks for the inspiration Holly!

  2. Your dress is so pretty!

    You’re absolutely right, everything tastes better grilled 😀 I’m waiting for the snow to melt from my backyard and the BBQ season to begin.

    • Why wait for the snow to melt?! Just dig a path right up to the grill and start it! It’ll make it seem like the snow’ll melt faster =)

      The dress – borrowed from my sister.. the best stores are my sister’s free closets =)

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