Ultimate Monday Night

Ever come back really late to your house and smell like bonfire, just don’t care and crawl into bed anyways because you’re so tired?  Well now my pillow and blankets smell like I’ve gone camping in the wilderness for a week.  Good thing I’m heading home tomorrow and can do laundry.. for FREE =D (because our landlord thinks it’s cool to make us pay $.75 a load, even though we pay for our H20).

After I uploaded some Detox mug shots, I casually strolled across the alleyway to sit around the campfire with a few of our neighbors.  Before I knew it, it went from 8 people to 25.  Plus our friend Vandy, who probably doesn’t remember being there last night, but wow, can he belt out tunes on that guitar!  Midway through, he broke a string, so I ran back across the alley, grabbed my guitar, and made some popcorn over the stove… I would’ve made it over the fire, but don’t have the right equipment… plus it fed everyone!  After a few more rounds of sing-a-longs, tossing in some Spanish text books  that couldn’t be bought back and a kitchen chair from Margaritaville, someone showed up with marshmallows, graham crackers, AND chocolate!  SMORE TIME!  And it just kept getting better =).

Until I woke up this morning smelling like a wild animal.  And what do wild animals want for breakfast?  Pomme green tea with a splash of vanilla soy milk.  I swear, it tastes just like the tea latte I get at Caribou Coffee!

I also was in the mood for some Fage peach greek yogurt, and inhaled it by the time I’d finished the first paragraph of this post =).  I swear, I am now addicted to the stuff – a bajillion times better than regular yogurt… I wonder what it would be like frozen… hmmm =).  Anyway, BIG to-do list for the day.  I HAVE to do my IRB review since I’ve been putting that off.  Send out a few emails, book my flight to London, Kathmandu, Delhi and then back home, write a few thank-you’s, and go through my closet and play the “if you haven’t worn it in one year, donate it” game – which is sometimes hard to do.  Then I have to start packing, and I don’t mean just an over night bag for the weekend.  I mean packing, as in I have to move home from college for the last time in a month =( and should probably haul some things home tomorrow (as a tear swells up in my eye).  Ready, set, go!

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Monday Night

  1. Your travels sound great!

    I love bonfires, can’t wait for summer to come and those long evenings by a lake and maybe even a bonfire 🙂

  2. jamie it’s been the ultimate monday for over a week now….maybe two…come baaaaaaack!!! we miss you!!! and i need some more b&j stories. workin on the novel as we speak!

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