Home, Sweet Home =)

Easter vacation.  Half vacation, half work.  I hit the road bright and early Wednesday morning from school, mango-banana  smoothie in a leftover keg cup and holiday cookies in hand to hold me over for the 3.5 hr drive North.  =)

Good thing my roommate’s mom sent up delicious roll-out cookies that she hadn’t shared with anyone for the past week, and when she didn’t want them to go bad over break hands them out like candy at a parade!  Jackpot!  I took 3 ducks and an egg.  They were devoured within 10 minutes of my car ride =).

These are my all-time favorite cookies when frozen!  Tied with those are ginger-snaps, warmed in the microwave =).  The drive went smoothly and luckily the flood waters in the RRV had gone down and I was able to take the interstate… probably shouldn’t have taken pictures while I was driving but…

there were fields of water everywhere!  How could I not take a picture to describe what half the drive was like!  Since the Thompson bridge was still closed that day, I had to take the long way around and go through Grand Forks.  Home sweet home!  I didn’t take any pictures except one while I was home – there was a lot of working (Jenna and I picked up shifts at the restaurant we used to work at), lots of cribbage played with dad, meeting up with friends at the bars late at night, hot tubbing afterwards, sleeping in, taking the dog on walks and napping:

Well, Jenna and my dad did a lot of napping!  I don’t think they know I took this picture… =).  Take note: back yard, flooded.  A whole week of just hanging out and relaxing.  And now I’m back at school and am putting my ducks in a row =).  Sometimes you just get a burst of energy to finish everything on your to-do list – today was one of those days!  I felt very productive and completed most of my list!  And if it meant making it look like a bomb went off in my room, so be it! =)

I mixed up two cups of pomegranate green tea with a splash of vanilla soy milk and got to work on my to-do list (bottom left.. in it’s third revision/clean-up =).  Bills paid, check.  Thank you’s sent out, check.  IRB forms completed, check.  Shower drain unclogged, check.  Rotten-egg smell outside the house (nat. gas?!), within the next hour: check.   Ahh, feel s good to be productive!  I might just treat myself to another episode of How I Met Your Mother, my new addiction =).

3 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home =)

  1. We def have many granny story exchanges to look forward to 😀 Do you know how bad it sucks not having internet at my house…real bad- but I’m working on the manuscript. I’ll contact Random House Publishing this weekend ;0)

  2. How I Met Your Mother is my addiction too 😀 can’t wait for the new episodes!we watched seasons 1-3 during Easter for the 2nd time 😉

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