Mom Prom Weekend

Theme of my Saturday night: high five.  I think I may have watched one too many episodes of How I Met Your Mother before starting the night off.  Any other Saturday, handing out random high fives is somewhat normal.  But this wasn’t any normal Saturday.  It was MOM. PROM.  That’s right, mom’s galore at Sal’s Bar.  For some reason, I felt it necessary to high five them all.  Every last one of them.  And proceed to tell them how proud they should be of their sons… turns out I didn’t even know half of their sons, but I’m sure they should be proud none the less.  I’m sure the high five will make a reappearance next weekend when all of our awesome dad’s show up for Father/Daughter dance…

But let’s rewind even further back still, to Saturday morning.  Hung over, my friends and I jumped in my car at 11 a.m., a number of them quite possibly still a little drunk.  As we were pulling away from the gas station, we saw a woman in a CSB cap and gown (the kind we’ll be wearing in 4 weeks) fueling up.  Clearly we didn’t miss graduation, but had to make sure and turned around (again, we were a little loopy).  Turns out their car was packed full of girls all wearing their caps & gowns.  They were on their way to take a picture by the “Opportunity Drive” sign on the interstate.  How creative is that idea!  It has been added to our ‘to-do before we graduate list.’

We shopped for a few hours at Arbor Lakes outdoor extravaganza of a mall.  I think I did an equal amount of shopping and sitting in the sun trying not to be hungover anymore.  It was one of those kind of afternoons.  Three o’clock came around, and our roommate left for Des Moines with her dad for an interview on Tuesday (good luck to her!) and we headed back to St. Joe to let the celebrating of being a senior continue.

Rewind back even further to Friday night’s grill out with friends and neighbors, because it was one of my top 3 meals of all time:  Asian inspired grilled Ahi Tuna.  I marinated an Ahi Tuna steak (bought frozen in a bag from Sam’s.. best. idea. ever) in a mash-up of ingredients sitting around my cubbie: low sodium soy sauce, a splash of sesame oil, dried cilantro, a spoonful of honey, some freshly chopped ginger and wasabi paste.  I marinated the tuna steak in this concoction for about a half hour before tossing it on the grill.  I also mixed up an incredible dipping sauce: greek yogurt, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a squeeze of wasabi paste.  Oh my lanta this was delicious!

And if you’re wondering why there is ketchup on my plate, I also ate a bratwurst.  But let’s be honest, brats and hot dogs are just not photogenic.  Before we could eat our delicious meals (some grilled chicken, others grilled burgers and dogs, I grilled a restaurant level tuna steak, nbd), we walked 6.5 miles to St. John’s on the Wobegon trail that runs between our two schools.

It was the perfect day out!  As it was today too.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but we brought out a futon matress and laid it out in our neighbor’s yard and played rummikub on it.  Starting tomorrow I’m getting back on track and working out again – I’ve had a bad cough for about a week now and haven’t had the energy to get out and sweat.  I’m also challenging myself to a no-grocery buying binge.  That’s right, I have four whole weeks to devour everything in my fridge, freezer and pantry without spending a single penny at the grocery store.  It may be difficult, but I’ll have to get creative.  And I like to be creative when it comes to my food, just ask my roommates.  =)

9 thoughts on “Mom Prom Weekend

  1. High fives are classy. Backbends are not. You’re one step ahead of me. 😀 Love hearing about your senior year Jamie, makes me remember all those good times all over again!

  2. i really love your blog! awesome posts and pictures girlie! i just started mine a few days ago and have been getting used to this whole blog community etc. i think ur blog is awesome tho!

    • I’m BACK!!!!! And I’m also in London and have major Jet leg… updating as get sidetracked to let you know that I am back… =)

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