There are many reasons for a celebratory ‘cheers’ these days.  I graduated from college.

My roommate got engaged.

Friends are landing jobs left and right.  And sometimes you find yourself in London saying it to complete strangers.  Cheers!

It’s been a long journey, but I’ve finally made it – the beginning of my incredible adventure around almost around the world.  I landed in London about three hours ahead of Jenna at 6:45 a.m. and basked in the airport for awhile waiting for both her and our older sister Erin to pick us up.

One moron/lost cabby later, we made it to her flat!  Since we have all the time in the world, there was no time to waste – we dropped our bags off, picked up a few items for lunch and hopped on the iconic red, double decker bus to have lunch with Lou across from Big Ben.  Little did we know, it was the opening day of Parliament – the queen was there and there was traffic galore.  So our bus driver decided 5 stops before ours to kick everyone off the bus and not deal with the standstill.  We hopped in with a friendly city cabby, hopped a few curbs and made it across the Thames to enjoy the beautiful weather with a bottle of Prosecco, a baguette, chorizo and prosciutto, two different cheeses, olives and some grapes with our favorite (and only) brother-in-law.  A very European lunch, and a great start to our London adventure if I do say so myself! (See picture above, lunch by Big Ben).

Afterwards we toured Westminster Abbey.  The architecture is incredible and it is the final resting place of many of the kings/queens of England and other notable historical figures (Newton, discovered gravity.. no big deal).

We were getting pretty exhausted by this point (little sleep) and decided to hop on the tube and check out where Jenna would be interning for the summer.  To our surprise, it was located near one of the oldest pubs in London – Lamb & Flag.  Obviously we had a glass of cider before continuing our journey (it was warm out, and we were thirsty).  Jenna’s place of internship is located in an older area of London, which was pretty neat!

When we finally made it back to the flat, Jenna bedded hard for a few hours and Erin and I hit the grocery store for a few ingredients for our first dinner in London.  We drank some concoction that I can’t think of the name (it had a LOT of stuff floating around in it… it was delicious!) grilled up some marinated chicken, had a great pesto salad, and had an “Eaton” mess for dessert.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first day in London with my sisters (minus Linsey… plus Lou..).  I know there will be plenty more to come – cheers!

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