Eat something good before you go to…

The Memorial weekend flew by in a flash.  One second I was eating a breakfast of cheerios with a sliced banana early Friday morning,

and the next, I was sipping on a pint of Pilsner Urquell enjoying an incredible view of the Prague Castle:

But I am getting ahead of myself.  There was plenty going on in London before we left for Bohemia.  On Thursday, it was my ‘family’ duty to pick up something to cook on the grill.  I took off on a nice, leisurely stroll down Portobello Rd. for one of the best fish markets in Notting Hill.  The selection that day wasn’t as exotic as I, and Erin + Lou, were hoping.  I returned with a fresh sea bass and trout.  Whole, of course.  And to Erin’s surprise, uncleaned.

Our dad would be pretty upset knowing that she didn’t know how to clean a fish.  None of us did – we watched a tutorial on YouTube.  But maybe it’s his fault for not teaching us the proper way, afraid that we would leave bones in the walleye or that it would be much quicker if he filleted them himself.  It was also probably negative 20 degrees out and we wouldn’t take our mittens off to learn how.  Dad, if you are reading this, we cleaned them just fine.  And bones were spit out later without a problem.

ANYways, back on topic.  We tossed some lemon slices in one and a brown mustard in the other and grilled them to perfection.

Two whole fish, gone in 90 seconds (it took an extra 30 to pick out the bones).

The next afternoon, Jenna and I thought we were meeting our oldest sister and landlord, Erin, for lunch by her office in South Kensington.  She lied.  So we had coffee and sandwiches from Pret a Manger  by ourselves and delighted our curiosities of the world at the British Natural History Museum (we thought we were actually going to the science museum… but dino bones and archeological steals worked just as well to pass the afternoon).  The museum plays host to hundreds of items stolen throughout the ages, including the Rosetta Stone.  I’ve seen the replica, which is in it’s home country of Egypt, where it tells the entire story of how it was stolen and why the Cairo museum came to own the replica (the Brit’s sent them one instead of loaning the real one).  Interestingly enough, I didn’t see anything remotely related to telling this story in the British museum… ahhh, history amuses me =).

We finally made it back to Erin’s office and took off for the airport, where we met Lou.  Two hours later, we were in the beautiful city of Prague.

The fish we ate would be the last healthy meal we ate for four whole days while exploring the Czech Republic… here is a little preview to satisfy your curiosity: ketchup isn’t a misinterpretation for ‘pizza sauce’.

6 thoughts on “Eat something good before you go to…

  1. You are very brave Jamie!! I don’t think I could clean a fish. Sometimes here in Japan, they serve whole fish (the size of perch) on our plates, eyes and all…they expect me to poke and prod at it with my chopsticks and eat the skin too :-/ Can’t wait to hear about the Cech! OMG, awesome!!! P.S. I still have my T&F ribbons too…pretty sure it was just last year I took them down from my shelves along with those awesome “participation” trophies from soccer. Haha. I think my room is officially adult-approved 😀

    • The skin is the best part! Think of it this way, you’ve probably eaten the skin on chicken, which was probably dirtier than fish skin at one point… hah ok I just grossed myself out and probably won’t eat chx for another 4 yrs.

    • I think we knew the gist of it just from watching our dad, but needed a little refresher! =) I love fishing – so relaxing! You should continue doing it!

  2. I don’t know how to clean a fish either, but would love to learn! I’ve been spoiled by the perfect fillets in supermarkets. I do love whole fish though! Digging into the fish eyeball (nice!), flaking the flesh off the bones, licking the bones…all part of the thrill!

    • It’s actually not that difficult! My sisters and I were spoiled too – fresh caught walleyes every weekend, and never once had to cut into them (or so I remember). I almost like eating the fish whole instead of just fillets, but thats just my preference! =)

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