Late one Friday evening,

in the city of Prague,

ventured four tourists,

who flew in through the fog.

Thirsty, they were,

as it is when you fly,

so they stopped in a pub,

established in 1455.

It was late, probably almost 2,

so they wandered back to their hotel,

and to their delighted surprise,

a Trdelnik stand they wandered into!

Trdelnik, you might ask?

Why, it is a delicious treat!

Roasted over an open flame,

and covered with sweets.

A tower was climbed,

but it was not the last…

Nay, 5 more lay ahead,

and every one was a blast!

Annnd thats all the rhymes I have for this evening folks!  More to come on our 8 days of the Czech Republic crammed into 3 days!

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