Cruise through the Czech Republic

I would continue with my poem about our adventure to Prague and the Czech countryside, but I’m just not feeling creative.  Sometimes that happens, and you’re just going to have to look forward to poems another day when I’m feeling creative.

Back to Prague!

We spent the entire Saturday wandering around the city and found ourselves across the bridge, headed towards the Prague Castle.  The views from up there were amazing – the city is very colorful with its red rooftops!

After the climb back down, we scouted out a rooftop terrace for drinks and appetizers that overlooked one of the main squares.  We decided on escargot, since neither Jenna or I had tried it.

I thought it was delicious!  Jenna, on the other hand…

Afterwards, we climbed our first tower of the trip.  We climbed at just the right moment, as the sun was starting to come down the city just glowed!

This last shot looked just like a lake back home, minus the fact that this was a river.  We went to our final dinner in Prague at a busy restaurant about a 30 minute walk from our hotel (at least the route we took there… on the way back it took maybe 10).  We each chose something different – duck, rabbit, venison, and a roast of some kind.  All with lots and lots of schnitzel and dumplings, and of course, banana beer.

The next morning, Loui and I got up bright and early (although it was tough after a few of those banana and nettle beers),  and walked down to the Charles Bridge for an early morning photo op.

Shortly after, we took off for the airport to rent a car.  After some slight confusion with the cabbie, we made it and got our very own Astro.  A few hours later we were in Telc.  Climbing towers, again =).

With so much climbing, we headed to a small pizza place to reload on energy.  Also, we were sick of spaetzle and dumplings.   It looked busy, as most of the deck was filled so we figured it was probably decent (I mean, how can you screw up pizza?).  We looked at the menu and laughed at their poor translation skills, the silly Czechs put ‘ketchup’ and really meant pizza sauce or tomato sauce!

We laughed even harder when our pizza’s came out and they did, in fact, have ketchup on them.

If you think this looks bad, you should try actually eating it.  Who puts ketchup on a pizza?!  More importantly, who puts ham, asparagus, beans and corn on a pizza with ketchup?!  Madness, I tell you!  Needless to say, it was the worst meal of my life, hands down.  But I was starving.. so I ate the asparagus off the top and attempted to take as much ketchup off the ham and crust as I could.

The next stop on our Czech countryside adventure was a random city I couldn’t even tell you the name of.  But it had a castle.

A beautiful city ‘centrum’..

and low and behold, ANOTHER tower for us to climb!

And a photo shoot before we took off for Ceske Krumlov!

Ceske Krumlov was an awesome city – we climbed our final tower, ate fish caught fresh from the stream, saw bears in the castle moat (they keep up the ancient tradition, although I’m sure they’re much better today than in the 14th century!), took some ‘senior pictures,’ and wandered about in awe of this medieval city.

And I leave you with this final image… of Jenna with a Trdelnik treat!  In a bear cut out…

2 thoughts on “Cruise through the Czech Republic

  1. Jamie- awesome, awesome pics! I My fave is the one of you? and Jenna? Handstands! So creative and cute…oh and the sunset making the town glow! Can’t wait to see and hear more about your travels! And to get my NOVEL missy!!! haha

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