The Last of London

My final days in London went by fast.  I take that back – my entire trip to London went by fast.  But I’m only going to share the last few days.

I like to think I lucked out on the weather because it was supposed to rain for the past week; instead, we were graced with sunshine and a few spotty showers until my last day, when it rained my entire walk to the tube, hauling my backpacks over a mile.  No easy task.

Since most of the days blur together, I’ll just share a few pictures.  We visited the Portobello Rd. Market on Saturday, followed by the Borough Market down near the water.  My favorite part was when we came to an area that had SAMPLES.  Here is something about me: I love samples.  I used to go to Sam’s Club on a Sunday, just for the samples!  =) This market had more than it’s share, and we tried cheeses, pates, salsas, chorizo, chocolates.. Oh the chocolates!  It was a foodie’s heaven!  Over the course of the next couple days we devoured our market purchases – asparagus, avocados, tomatoes, grapes, raspberries, and the best bleu cheese you’ll ever have you in life, Stilchilten.

Clearly Jenna didn’t enjoy her first oyster experience…

While my siblings went to work, I enjoyed my last few days going on runs through Hyde Park and Notting Hill, reading World Without End by Ken Follett on the patio in the sun, and wandering around.  I also made a few stops at the gelato store down the street a number of times =).

Then that sad day came, when I had to fold up the trundle one last time and say goodbye to the comforts of the Western world.  I said my goodbyes and hauled my backpacks through the rain to the tube, had just enough time to dry off before catching my flight to Delhi.

Pictures to come!

One thought on “The Last of London

  1. Another *twin* fact: samples. i’m SOO THERE. i would go to the grocery store with my mom all the time as a kid and always ask: is it sample day?!?! love ’em. they have it here in japan too. i go to the grocery store to hang out and ‘grab lunch’ haha…oh and just read the nov part 1…guess what i snacked (i really mean indulged) on last night too…HARIBO gummies!! omg, twin for sure. hahah. ps. not looking forward to delhi airport now…great.

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