My posts are a little out of order here, and now I’m flashing back to Saturday when we went to Bhaktapur.  Most of the city was built well before Columbus reached America, to give you a sense of how ancient it is.  It was only a short drive out of the city and it was nice to see the country side for the first time!  It’s really was a day of aimless wandering.  We meandered down small streets and alleyways, found a wood working shop and a restaurant with a great view of the city.  There is no better way to describe the sights and the people besides in pictures, so for your visual enjoyment:

Children pulling water from an almost dry well.

A young girl collecting hay in an alley.

Distant view of the Nhytapola Pagoda, the tallest temple in Nepal.

An elderly lady spinning yarn.

A wood carver working on a project.

View of the temple from our restaurant’s roof top terrace.

Two women cleaning slates of brick before they’re carved.

Taking a bath in the street.

Man carrying all sorts of kitchen trinkets on a scale-like contraption.

Sarah, Jess and Megan climbing the steps of the temple.

World Cup fever has reached all corners of the globe.

The kids here are just so darn cute!

…and LOVE getting there pictures taken.  Here’s Sarah sharing the ones she just took.

Almost all of the buildings are ornately decorated – very beautiful!

And there you have it – my collection of images from Bhoktapur, narrowed down from hundreds (not because they weren’t good, it’s that it takes hours to load a small few – the internet is so slow here).  Stay tuned for a recap of our visit to a children’s orphanage and to a Buddhist monastery!

2 thoughts on “Bhaktapur

    • I think you should – it is incredible here! Minus the fresh food shortage and zero safe places to exercise =S

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