It’s a hard knock life

Monday afternoon we met up with the guys in our group who are teaching at the Whitefield school to visit an orphanage with a few students and faculty.  We each pitched in a few hundred rupees to buy the kids new notebooks, pencils, erasers and even a bit of candy =).

Chalk this one up as another incredible day here in Nepal.  It was one of those ‘feel good’ days – the kind you get from doing something completely selfless.

Right away you couldn’t tell who was an orphan and who was a Whitefield student – they played with and treated each other like brothers and sisters.

These kids kicked butt at ping pong!  They played with such cut-throat intensity that could only be developed from the environment they practice in (note the bricks as a net).

They even had a great score keeper (although I think he favored the players closer to his age.. not a single one of us had a victory).

We even played competitive jump rope.  That, at least, was something I was good at.  Every person who tripped up the rope was thrown out of the game.

Finally, at the end of the day, we handed out the things we had purchased.  It is great to see kids get so excited about receiving paper and pencils – they are so passionate about learning!  I doubt you’d get that reaction in the States.

Up next: our trip to the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Pharping and a visit to the farm =).

2 thoughts on “It’s a hard knock life

  1. awesome work Jamie, both with your guys’ selfless acts of giving the kids simple school supplies and with your pictures. awesome, awesome, awesome!!! See you in 27, missy =D

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