According to a friend, I fell of the face of the earth for awhile… Which technically, I did.  In the last two days I went white Nepali tea water rafting, paragliding (see, that’s where I fell *up off the face of the earth), and now I’m off to trek to the Annapurna Base Camp for 7 days!  Here are a few pictures to hold you over until I get back from the trek:

We decided to jump in to cool off – since it has been two days and none of us have gotten sick, yet, I think it was a good idea!

Then we cooled off after lunch, too.  Here’s our group that went:

Half the group ran out of that adventurous spirit and only three of us went paragliding.  The pictures just don’t do it justice (*so I took a video – of us doing a ‘spiral of death’ – unfortunately, I didn’t press the right button to record =(  so just watch an extreme paragliding video on youtube to get an idea of what we did!).

If you have never been paragliding, I highly recommend it.  We went for an hour, riding the thermals up into the clouds a few times =).  More to come in a week!  Until then, you can just picture the group of us here:

Annapurna Base Camp!

2 thoughts on “Pokhara!

  1. I’m am speechless. Your pictures are sooooooooooooo AMAZING! AHHH. I wanna go there. Those mtns. Holy cow. And wow, that is some diiiirtay water! I definitely want to parasail now! There are townies who go right off the mountain here in Owani. Doesn’t compare to your experience, but it looks so cool!! Enjoy your time at the Base Camp! Can’t wait to hear about it. T-minus 16 😀

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