India is a country of extreme juxtapositions all happening at once.  It is rich and poor.  Modern and ancient.  Loving and hateful.  Colorful and dull.  Open-minded and closed.  Loud and reserved.  Spicy and sweet, etc. There really isn’t any mental preparation you can do before you come, because whatever your thoughts on what India would be like are thrown out the window the second you step off the plane. The woman who taped up my busted foot back on the ABC Trek in Nepal told me, “India: you either love it or hate it.”  To avoid the ‘hate it’ category, you have to come ready to embrace it all; the good, the bad and the ugly.

In just three weeks time, I have seen and experienced a small, overwhelming taste of India.  Mansions and slums.  Brand new roads being navigated by wooden carts pulled by camels.  Comforted a student with a modern mindset after finding out her marriage has been arranged.  Scorched my mouth with the spiciest curry possible, and chased it with straight sugar (my stomach has not been very happy with this daily decision).

Sensory. Overload.

At least for the first week it was (which was almost three weeks ago now… sorry for the delay in posts, Rajasthan is still in the dark ages when it comes to technology, for example, I am using a computer that was created in 1998 – remember dial up speeds?!  Tech dark ages I tell you!).  Throw in some historical facts and figures and you have yourself a tour of the Golden Triangle.  First stop: Delhi.

One thought on “Namaste!

  1. It sounds like you may need some Pepto! haha Good to hear from you again!
    Sounds like it is quite the adventure! 🙂

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