Patience, my friends =)

Now I know I said that I would post about Delhi next, but lets be honest – Delhi isn’t that much fun to read about.  And neither is the Taj Mahal, Amber Fort or anything else I’ve seen without pictures.  So I have decided that I am just going to wait until next weekend when I have wi-fi, high speed internet and a whole freezer filled with my favorite cookies (little hint for you mom)!

Here is what my last week here in India looks like: Jaisalmer until Tuesday, back at the Neerja Modi School until Friday and then I catch a flight from Jaipur to Delhi that evening, fly out of Delhi in the middle of the night and land in London (for I believe 5 hrs… Erin – possibly go for breakfast if you’re not out traveling Europe? =) and then I’ll be State-side by mid-afternoon!  =)

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