Agra, Part ‘Ek’ (1)

The biggest challenge to writing a blog post about Agra and the Taj Mahal is deciding which pictures are the pièces de résistance, the Porterhouse cut of my collection, the best possible few to represent the thousand others.  It is an intimidating task when so many people (grandma, mom, possibly a sister or two) are counting on living vicariously through those images, as if they were there with me.

Agra was a quick 23 hour stop.  We came, we saw, we ‘awed’.  We started our journey in the late afternoon from Delhi, with a involuntary tea brake along the way (our driver asked us if we wanted to stop, we declined, but this is India folks: you never turn down an opportunitiy for tea. Never.).  Before going to our hotel, we stopped at the famous Agra Fort.  If it wasn’t for the elephants at the Amber Fort (next post), I’d say this was my favorite fort…

… it was a massive complex.  Since I have to run, here is a sneak peak at Agra: Part ‘do’ (2)… =)

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