Inside the Amber Fort

Welcome to the Amber Fort’s ‘Hall of Mirrors.’

Every doorway had a new area to explore.  A new sight to see.  A different style of design: carvings, paintings, stonework, stained glass and more mirrors.

Of course, what fun would a fort be if you couldn’t climb it?  Note – I’m pretty sure this wasn’t allowed:

There were also some more legit viewing areas though, too!

And don’t forget about the snake charmers!  Little known fact: the snakes don’t actually move to the sound of the music, but the charmer’s sway of his instrument.

There are about a thousand pictures I took of the Amber Fort, but I’m afraid I’d bore you.  So I’ll leave you with this final image encompassing all that is great about Indian transportation; rickshaws, tour buses, motorcycles, cars, pedestrians and elephants.


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