The Ghosts

The Ghost of Blog’s Past:

Traveling was is (please see: Ghost of Blog’s Present) my raison d’être. I enjoy capturing the world – writing, photographing, and hearing what others have to say along my adventures – and sharing them with others. I traveled across Europe, Middle East, Southern Asia. Met incredible, inspiring people. Ate the best (and worst) foods of the world. Full of life and learnings. 

The Ghost of Blog’s Present:

But as it turns out, life is pretty dang expensive. If it weren’t for ~rent, school loan repayments, car insurance, parking ramps, happy hours, groceries, that speeding ticket I got seconds after realizing I was speeding, cell phone bills, that dress from Anthro that my closet couldn’t live without~ I’d be canyoning in the south of France or paragliding in Patagonia

I opted to sit in a cube instead. And my blog about Tea’raveling the world went to the place where blogs go to die: page 3 of Google Search results. Horrifying, I know. 

The Ghost of Blog’s Future

While I am waiting for my lucky break (e.i. NatGeo calling me up and putting me on assignment in country X), I decided that I have way too much time being wasted on meaningless outings. Time to shape up, ship out, and start writing again. Maybe it won’t be from the salt flats of Bolivia, but instead from the shores of Nameless Lake, MN. You say Himalayas, I say Afton Alps. Not from the Big Apple, but the “Minneapple.” The 612. Minneapolis. 




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